Ready…set…Go! The stopwatch is running and Brno 16 definitely isn’t dragging its feet! Our team of dramaturgs is collecting films for the competition and the loaded off-programme is also taking shape. How did art make us stronger in the 60s and 70s? Officially and unofficially? What sort of effects on your figure does monumental art have? And what about politically engaged art? Independent art? Personally motivated art? You will find out the answers to these questions in the sequence of 6 films about the different kinds of art in the totalitarianism period from the Slovak Film Institute. Little bit of martial arts and a wholly different aesthetics will be available to you in a sequence of short films from Asia. You can look forward to cosplay, action kitties, superheroes in suits as well as out of their suits, and evil car. The body and the spirit are capable of various tricks! Not only art but creativity in general can definitely give your muscles some definition and that is why one of our sequences is devoted to LEGO films as well as a gruelling action LEGO workout… errr, workshop. Our section Czech 16 will shake up your heart like the best cardio ever. Lately there have been talks of another new wave of Czech cinematography and Czech films succeeding at international festivals. This is not only related to the “prestigious” features, but also the much humbler short films. You will have the opportunity to not only see these films, but also to meet their authors and talk to them. In a more traditional way of training – which still remains very effective – we will also introduce films of the important Austrian painter Maria Lassnig. Do you dream of having a sculpted belly with a six-pack of abs of steel??? Then make your way to the sequence which we have prepared together with the conveniently named distribution company Sixpackfilm. A fundamental part of every conscious sport activity or creativity is definitely tenacity and concentrated self-reflection. We know this, which is why we are also bringing you a retrospective – a sequence of films from the past editions of B16.

Simply put – plenty of art and plenty of fun. Kino Art is about to turn into one big gym.