The Wizard of U.S.

Original title: Czarnoksieznik z krainy U.S.

Director: Balbina Bruszewska

Country: Poland

Year: 2016

Runtime: 22’

Written and directed by: Balbina Bruszewska
Cinematography by: Mariusz Andryszczyk, Balbina Bruszewska, Tomasz Łaptaszyński

Dorotka is not in Poland anymore. She’s now in a magical and fantastic land of US where all dreams come true. And even a poor girl can become an actress in Hollywood and meet her dream prince, can’t she?

Social satire created with a method of animated collage contains a multitude pop cultural references.


On programme:
► FR 13. 10., 21.30, big hall

► SA 14. 10., 9.30, small hall

► SA 14. 10., 14.30, big hall