Anchorage Prohibited

Original title: Anchorage Prohibited /Jin zhi xia mao

Director: Chiang Wei Liang

Country: Tchaj-wan

Year: 2015

Runtime: 16’

Written and directed by: Chiang Wei Liang
Cinematography by: Wei Tz Yang

Aiming for happiness, work, sometimes it feels like it’s all running through your fingers. There’s nothing to hold onto, just the stupid whinstone, it’s like trying to climb out of a soup bowl. Young Taiwanese family with a small child hanging around their necks is looking for happiness on an island where anchorage is prohibited…


On programme:
► WE 11. 10., 15.00, big hall

► WE 11. 10., 22.00, small hall

► FR 13. 10., 17.30, small hall