Original title: Moloko

Director: Daria Vlasova

Country: Russia

Year: 2017

Runtime: 14’51”

Written and directed by: Daria Vlasova
Cinematography by: Danil Fomichev
Cast: Vitaly Khodin, Maria Bolonkina, Gleb Orlov, Yaroslava Bazaeva, Igor Yasulovich

Cows give us milk. Sometimes even out of the blue in a kitchen on the 14th floor. And it’s not one of those dingy flats where you might live, but a luxurious comfortable apartment where a proper family lives. How do they deal with this gift from heavens? Or from strange powers?


On programme:
► WE 11. 10., 15.00, big hall

► WE 11. 10., 22.00, small hall

► FR 13. 10., 17.30, small hall