For filmmakers


1. The competition is open to short (1-30 min) films that have not been produced commercially or for commercial use. The competition is open to amateurs, independent filmmakers, and film school students. Advertising or promotional shorts will NOT be accepted for competition. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the selection committee will be final.

2. Submitted films must be no more than three years old. Films previously sent to this competition are not eligible. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the selection committee will be final.

3. The acceptance of a film for competition entitles one representative of the production team (e.g. director) to participate in the competition, which means that the accommodation expenses will be  paid  for  by the organizer. Travel expenses are NOT covered by the festival.

Various accompanying events arranged by the festival committee are also part of the programme: seminars, exhibitions, study screenings of interesting films that may be outside the short fiction film genre, and screenings of film school collections. Discussions with attending filmmakers about their films are also scheduled. These accompanying events are free of charge for all official participants.


All films submitted to the competition must go through the selection process.


The Grand Prize – awarded by the association for B16 and alternative film
Petr Hvižď Prize (promising filmmaker) – awarded by the organizators
The prize of student jury – awarded by the student jury competition

The decisions of the selection committee and the international juries are final.


It is possible to subscribe to the competition by registration and completing of the registration form in the film registration system and then by sending the film online until June 30.

or via postmail for the pre-selection by 20th of July 2015 to:

Turistické informační centrum města Brna, p. o.
Radnická 2-10
668 78 Brno
Czech Republic

The date of postmark on the package will be the decisive date.

Films submitted after the deadline will not be included in the competition.

If it’s more convenient for you to send your film for pre-selection using the internet (for example posting it on FTP, or with password), enter the URL and password into field form. The submission is used for pre-selection purposes only and will not be given or screened to any third party.

When filling out the form you will be required to briefly state the film content in English and other promotional materials for the catalogue (stills, or. the shooting, user profile, or. photograph of the author.)

The results of the selection process will be published during September – on the web site, via e-mail system and in our film registration program.


Films selected for the competition are necessary to be send in these formats:

The digital version must be in this data formats:

HD – codec H264 – mp4, mkv

SD – codec mpg2, DivX, Xvid – avi

Timing – 24 fps

Classical (non-digital) format

16 mm, frequency 24 pic/sec

Sound – magnetic or optical recording directly into a movie

Films must be accompanied by introductory and closing titles (title and author), filmstrips by leader and must be wound on screening reels.


Shipping Options


– through FTP – after registration in film registration system, write for password to FTP on email: or

– through internet  – – only 2 GB

Via post – CD / DVD / BluRay, finalized for all regions

These media must meet the following conditions:

1. English subtitles.

The films with spoken word must be accompanied by (or sent by email) subtitles preferably in electronic form, incl. timing. This will reduce possible errors during the screening of your film.

2. The film length can be from 1 to 25 minutes.

3. All materials must be properly labelled (title of film, filmmaker, format, speed, running time and year of production).

Note: Please write “no commercial value and for festival use only” on the customs declarations.


1. Participants send films and film media to the competition at their own expense to the organiser’s address as given at the bottom of this page.

2. The organizer doesn’t return the DVDs / BluRay and videos. Returning of films (16mm) will be handled as follows: to attending participants – at the end of the competition screenings on October 19 (Saturday evening) or on October 20 (Sunday morning); to non-attending filmmakers – by post (and through customs in the case of foreign films), within a maximum of 21 days after the end of the competition. A longer return period primarily concerns films which must go through customs (where the value of the package is high or must be determined).

3. The organizer does not guarantee the postal delivery time; therefore, it is essential to allow for enough time for the transfer of your film between festivals. We are not responsible for transferring your film to another festival within a short time frame. If the filmmaker requires express delivery of the film, full expenses will be charged.

4. The organiser is not liable for any loss or damage to film media during shipping.

5. All film media will be treated with utmost care; however, the organiser is not responsible for any accidental loss or damage.

6. The organiser reserves the right to make copies of selected films for its archives and for promotional purposes.

7. The organiser reserves the right to use short passages from selected films for the documentation and promotion of the BRNO16 festival in the media.

Turistické informační centrum města Brna, p. o.

Radnická 2-10
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic